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On Thursday 23rd 2017 I published ‘How to Lose a Referendum – the Definitive Story of Why the UK voted for Brexit’ with Sky News Senior Political Correspondent Jason Farrell. The book uniquely relates the history of Britain’s relationship with the EU to the referendum campaign and explains how by the time the campaign started, a Leave vote was inevitable. Britain wasn’t there at the creation of European Unity to shape it in its interests, had to contort itself economically and politically when it joined (at the third attempt), and then its political leaders had never explained the benefits of the integration that followed.  For a quick summary of the book click here.

Here is a podcast of our talk and Q&A chaired by Professor Tony Travers on 4th June 2018 at the London School of Economics about our book.

Here is a video of Jason and my talk at Latymer Upper School on 5th October 2017 on what we learned whilst writing the book – we are both available to give this talk or shorter ones with Q&A as well as for panels. Also for articles and any other media commentary around Brexit.

Here is a list of reviews from prominent people who have read it:

“Farrell and Goldsmith tell the story with exceptional clarity, insight and thoroughness, and, even if you know this topic well, you ll learn something new. It is the best single-volume account of all the factors that contributed to Brexit.” —Andrew Sparrow, The Guardian

“Clatters along and makes the often incomprehensible easy to understand. Cracking stuff” – From Ben Wright – BBC Political Correspondent

“To understand the volatility of Britain’s present political predicament, it is vital to understand the revolution that took us here. Jason Farrell and Paul Goldsmith’s How to Lose a Referendum explains, with a seventy-year historical sweep and detailed cultural context, why Britain will never be the same again, in a first-class and highly readable Brexit book like no other.” —Sam Coates, The Times

“If you want an easy explanation for why we voted for Brexit, then look elsewhere. Yes, this book is pacy and punchy. But it’s also a subtle and sophisticated take on how history, chance and a cast of key players all combined to create the perfect storm that hit the UK on 23 June 2016.” —Professor Tim Bale, Queen Mary University of London

“This compelling and thoughtful book tells us how and, more importantly, why Brexit happened. The drama is all there and so is the historic context of Britain’s troubles with Europe. A must-read.” —Adam Boulton, Presenter, Sky News

“I can’t read enough about this topic, the absolute turning point of modern politics. This book is a very valuable volume. Well researched, well written, challenging and important.”– Lord Daniel Finkelstein, Times Columnist

Aside from explaining the reasons why Leave were victorious after the few short months of the referendum campaign itself, the book brilliantly sets the Brexit vote in a historical context, bringing home for me in particular why the UK should never have joined an organisation whose clearly stated end goal of “ever closer union” was never shared by the British public in the first place. – From Jonathan Isaby – the Editor of Brexit Central:

“An excellent and thorough work which deserves to stand as a key reference book to anyone studying the Brexit plebiscite as the most extraordinary event in the history of British politics.”  Denis MacShane – former Labour Europe Minister and Author of quite a few Brexit books

Here is another view by Roger Liddle on Progressonline:

Below is the media coverage related to the book:


  1. Sky News ‘All Out Politics’ with Adam Boulton on publication day’
  2. Sky News Sunrise – Talking about the book
  3. Sky News ‘All Out Politics’ with Adam Boulton discussing the connection between Theresa May’s Florence Speech and Margaret Thatcher’s Bruges speech with Lord Francis Maude
  4. Sky News – Interview about the chances of a Second Referendum
  5. Sky News Sunrise – How will Historians view Brexit?

Radio and Audio

  1. The Brexit Podcast – in conversation with Tim Heming about the book
  2. The Paul Ross Show on Talk Radiohere from 25:13 and here up to 01:53 
  3. Julia Hartley-Brewer show on Talk Radio
  4. The Brexit Podcast – Explaining Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit strategy –
  5. Podcast of our talk at the LSE 4th June 2018
  6. Interview with Clive Bull from LBC on How history will view Theresa May.
  7. Interview with Matthew Stadlen from LBC – on the 350m/NHS promise and court case
  8. Interview with Matthew Stadlen from LBC – on the likelihood and possible success of tactical voting in the 2019 General Election

Print and Online

  1. iNews – The six historical figures who explain why Britain is leaving the EU
  2. Brexit Central – When it came to the EU, history held a gun to David Cameron’s head
  3. – ‘We can’t negotiate with Europe until we understand it’
  4. Chiswick W4 – Article on local News website about how the book was put together 
  5. Evening Standard – 7th story down in diary – ‘Brexit – the latest chapter’
  6. Labour List – Corbyn is just the latest of many Labour leaders to face splits over Europe
  7. Huffington Post – What David Davis can learn about Negotiating Brexit from a Little-Known Civil Servant
  8. Huffington Post – Like Thatcher in Bruges, the Stakes are high for May’s Florence Speech
  9. Stand Up Magazine – Labour’s Brexit tightrope 
  10. Our Patch (Horton and Garton Magazine) – ‘Losing It’, profile of Jason and I p 16-17
  11. Huffington Post – Why Ireland might have to leave the EU too
  12. Huffington Post – Why you should care how tertiary legislation is hidden within the EU Withdrawal Bill
  13. Huffington Post – These are not Brexit negotiations – Because the EU can’t negotiate
  14. The UK in a Changing Europe – Why ‘Take back control’ trumped ‘Project Fear’
  15. The UK in a Changing Europe – How President de Gaulle’s second veto of Britain’s EC application fifty years ago led directly to the Leave vote in 2016
  16. Brexit Central – Why Andrew Adonis created Nigel Farage – Part 2
  17. London School of Economics Brexit Blog – In 1955 Britain had the chance to shape the EU’s future. It flunked it. 

Here are links to two talks I have given to Latymer Upper School students:

One on the subject of ‘The Rise of the Dispossessed’ (Chapter 9) and one on ‘How Brexit happened

Other Coverage involving Jason –

Radio and Audio

  1. LBC interview with James O’Brien

Print and Online

  1. Huffington Post – ‘Inside the mind of the man who secured Brexit’ – Jason’s account of his interview with Dominic Cummings

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