On Thursday 23rd I published ‘How to Lose a Referendum – the Definitive Story of Why the UK voted for Brexit’ with Sky News Senior Political Correspondent Jason Farrell. For a quick summary of the book click here.

Here is a review from the Guardian’s political correspondent Andrew Sparrow:

Here is another view by Roger Liddle on Progressonline:

Below is the media coverage related to the book:


  1. Sky News ‘All Out Politics’ with Adam Boulton –
  2. Sky News Sunrise –

Radio and Audio

  1. The Brexit Podcast – in conversation with Tim Heming about the book –
  2. The Paul Ross Show on Talk Radio – – from 25:13 and up to 01:53
  3. Julia Hartley-Brewer show on Talk Radio –
  4. The Brexit Podcast – Explaining Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit strategy –

Print and Online

  1. iNews – The six historical figures who explain why Britain is leaving the EU
  2. Brexit Central – When it came to the EU, history held a gun to David Cameron’s head –
  3. – ‘We can’t negotiate with Europe until we understand it’ –
  4. Chiswick W4 – Article on local News website about how the book was put together –
  5. Evening Standard – 7th story down in diary – ‘Brexit – the latest chapter’ –
  6. Labour Leave – Corbyn is just the latest of many Labour leaders to face splits over Europe –
  7. Huffington Post – What David Davis can learn about Negotiating Brexit from a Little-Known Civil Servant –


Other Coverage involving Jason –

Radio and Audio

  1. LBC interview with James O’Brien –

Print and Online

  1. Huffington Post – ‘Inside the mind of the man who secured Brexit’ – Jason’s account of his interview with Dominic Cummings  –

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