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  1. How the Economics Profession got it wrong on Brexit


    July 29, 2018 by Paul Goldsmith

    In today’s febrile political atmosphere, in which information that doesn’t fit a person’s bias is immediately discarded, it is refreshing …
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  2. Free trade: Why who gets the losses and gains makes it hard to defend


    August 3, 2017 by Paul Goldsmith

    During his inauguration speech, Donald Trump made the case for instituting protectionist measures against free trade by claiming that ‘protection …
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  3. Why public finances cannot be compared to personal finances


    May 26, 2017 by Paul Goldsmith

    Have you ever heard someone compare the public finances to personal finances? Have you ever heard the accusation that Labour …
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  4. Labour debt-pointers are risking their party’s economic credibility again


    May 21, 2017 by Paul Goldsmith

    I actually can’t take it anymore. It is economically illiterate and it is self-defeating and it has to stop. It …
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  5. Why energy price caps will worsen the energy market for consumers


    May 16, 2017 by Paul Goldsmith

    The energy market is a target for both the mainstream political parties. Both Labour and Conservatives have suggested price caps …
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  6. Labour need to cease and desist their self-destructive line of attack on the deficit and debt


    December 5, 2014 by Paul Goldsmith

    UK budget deficit as % of GDP When you have to rely on the public not understanding Economics to make …
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  7. 5 thoughts about George Osborne’s Autumn Statement/Pre-election bribe

    Leave a comment

    December 4, 2014 by Paul Goldsmith

    1. So, er…apparently there’s an election soon? I say this with a wink because this was essentially a pre-election budget. …
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