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May 9, 2015 by Paul Goldsmith

Wow – what an election! To those who say politics is boring or is irrelevant or doesn’t engage people, there couldn’t be a clearer example of how important it is and what a pivotal political time we are living in.
Clear conservative leadership may provide a single government but – although the coalition question is shelved for the time being, it still leaves us with so many unanswered questions. What will happen to our relationship with Europe and the referendum;how will the SNP pressures change the shape of the Tory government, let alone the UK; how will Labour, the Lib Dems and UKIP reshape themselves to become relevant and real opposition parties – to name but a few.
These issues and many more will face us over the next five years. I look forward to addressing these when they arise and trying to provide insightful comment as I have tried to do each day for the last year.
And it was just a year ago that I set myself the task of a blog a day for a year to provide my students and others who were interested in politics, a different and new voice of reasonable balanced and informative comment, written in a digestible way. 365 blogs later this has far exceeded my expectations, with appearances on Sky TV, fantastic retweets and hundreds of followers.
I want to thank everyone for signing up to this blog, reading it, and to those who commented on it.
For my part, I have learned a lot, and especially enjoyed the interaction. There is little that is more exciting than seeing the stats jump as a blog that has particularly hit home (or gets tweeted out by someone with a lot of followers!) gets read a lot. 

I will continue to blog – it is my passion and part of my life and work, however possibly not every day from now on! I have a full time job which I am also passionate about and the impact it’s taken on my time and family has been huge.


But as and when key, pivotal events occur I hope to continue to try to provide the rational dissection which many of you have been kind enough to credit me with. I hope you continue to find it useful and interesting.


And if any of you want to help me publish a book about this past year in politics, or maybe about yesterday’s mayhem and meltdowns – do give me a shout!

2 thoughts on “Thank you 

  1. Roger Bottomley says:


    Excellent work – I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs !


  2. It’s been a truly impressive achievement Paul – I seriously don’t know how you’ve found the time to do not just the writing – but all the necessary reading as well. I respect not only your impressive command of the facts, the various opinions, and the issues – but also your commitment to balance.


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