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  1. The Exit Poll drops: What does it mean?

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    December 12, 2019 by Paul Goldsmith

    IF the exit poll is correct, the Conservatives have a stonking majority. Labour have their worst result since 1935. The …
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  2. What’s happened to the Brexit Party in #election2019 shows how our electoral system is undemocratic and unrepresentative and should change


    December 10, 2019 by Paul Goldsmith

    The Brexit Party won the last national election but is effectively unable to compete in this General Election. For this, …
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  3. The Brexit Party don’t need this election to have already won


    November 13, 2019 by Paul Goldsmith

    The election system in this country means Nigel Farage has little choice but to stand down candidates to get Brexit …
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  4. Why anti-Brexit parties are standing aside


    November 12, 2019 by Paul Goldsmith

    There are some very disappointed candidates in England and Wales as they are having to explain to their potential constituents …
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  5. A new political party doesn’t have to win seats in Parliament to be successful

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    September 18, 2017 by Paul Goldsmith

    During the August political news ‘silly-season’, James Chapman, former Chief of Staff to Brexit Secretary David Davis, started a one-man …
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  6. Why we are unlikely to get a change in election system


    May 17, 2015 by Paul Goldsmith

     The problems with trying to get a referendum on changing the election system (the way in which votes are …
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  7. Why the Liberal Democrats must be giving thanks for First Past the Post


    April 12, 2015 by Paul Goldsmith

    At one stage, during the mass leaders’ debate last week, Nick Clegg turned and demanded an apology from Ed Miliband …
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